NYDIS NYC Unmet Needs Roundtables

An Unmet Needs Roundtable, a recovery resource of last resort. Brings together disaster case managers and donors to customized assistance (financial, in-kind or referrals) to any eligible survivor household which has exhausted all other sources of support.

A best practice common to all federally declared disasters, Unmet Needs Roundtables (also called unmet needs committees) are essential to ensure that emerging and ongoing basic needs of under-resourced survivors or victims’ families will be met by providing both emergency assistance grants (early months) or sustainable recovery grants (years).

In the aftermath of a disaster, relief workers or volunteers provide for the basic needs of survivors and victim families; as a best practice, they also begin to identify emerging unmet needs. Disaster recovery moves in stages, from emergency relief, to short-term recovery ( up to six months ) , and finally to long-term recovery (years). Unmet Needs Roundtables ( also called unmet needs tables or committees) , common to all federally declared disasters, are essential mechanisms for meeting the unmet basic human needs of under-resourced survivors or victims ’ families by providing financial assistance in emergencies or enabling sustainable long-term recovery.

Learn more about NYDIS’ current and past NYC Unmet Needs Roundtables here.