Puerto Rico Recovery Project Overview 2017-2019

Project 1) December 2017: NYDIS and its Pa’Lante Puerto Rico partners distribute emergency supplies and financial assistance in the rural mountain communities of Anasco and Aguada following Hurricane Maria. In partnership with local nonprofits and Stronger Than Maria, we funded the rebuilding of four homes for families with special needs.

Project 2) September 2018: NYDIS and Pa’Lante partner with Project Refuge to fund and distribute over $15,000 worth of rebuilding equipment to Team Barrio Playa, the long-term recovery group in Barrio Playa, Anasco, Puerto Rico. The equipment started a local “Tool Bank” from which local volunteers can borrow items to complete recovery and rebuilding projects. The partners also host a preparedness training for local community leaders, community garden projects, and sponsor 5K run to benefit local recovery.

Project 3) January 2019: NYDIS and Pa’Lante partner with Project Refuge to co-sponsor two Three King’s Day events and distribute gifts to local children in needs, one in Barrio Playa and one in the town of Anasco. Actress Luna Lauren Velez’s Pa’Lante Project and Paramount Pictures host Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse giveaways, photo-ops, and a free film screening for local children. NYDIS and Pa’Lante partners also visit families who had received aid during the December 2017 project and lay the groundwork for 2019 projects. HELP US FUND

PROJECT 4: From March 28 to April 02, 2019; NYDIS’ staff and NYC-Puerto Rico Long-Term Recovery Group (LTRG) members will travel to Puerto Rico to volunteer with Project Refuge’s new School Restoration Initiative as well as home repairs projects in Barrio Playa, Añasco. LTRG Members will be volunteering alongside Team Barrio Playa members to begin rehabbing a closed school in Barrio Playa, that, in partnership with the Municipal government, will become a Community and Youth Center – and to work on local homes still needing repair.