Asylum Seeker Shelter Services

NYC is experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, with the arrival of over 70,000 Asylum Seekers from Latin America and West Africa over the past year – with more arriving every week. The NYC shelter system, hotels and alternative housing sites have been overwhelmed as asylum seekers try to find safe shelter while awaiting immigration court proceedings. While single men comprise most of the asylum seekers, single women and families with children are also arriving. Many of these fellow global citizens in crisis have fled unimaginable conditions in their country of origin and then experienced an arduous journey on their way to New York City.

Effective July 1, 2023, NYDIS has been awarded a $75M contract to coordinate the operation of 50 nineteen bed shelters and 5 hospitality centers in religious facilities across the five boroughs, This 950 bed per night program will span 24 months and may be expanded based on need and availability of space. Please refer to the online survey forms below to access the suitability of your facilities in meeting the minimum space and safety standards. All host sites will be compensated for their operating costs and will be provided with a monthly space use fee to cover utilities and general wear and tear. Funds are available to install showers and sprinklers systems in congregations that will shelter asylum seekers and then later transition to shelter New Yorkers experiencing homelessness. This new program will be administered by NYDIS’ Emergency Shelter Network staff team.