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About NYDISnet

NYDIS’ free bi-monthly e-newsletter informs the reader about NYC recovery news, preparedness tips, and training opportunities, reaching 20,000 religious leaders and faith community partners.

NYDISnet ALERTS: Our risk communication network. Released in an emergency situation to report the most up-to-date critical information needed by religious leaders.

About NYDIS House of Worship Alert (HOWalert)

NYDIS House of Worship Alert (HOWalert) is a free emergency notification system for all NYC religious leaders. Only used during emergencies and two optional annual exercises, HOWalert sends emergency information to registrants by text, email or voice messages.

NYC religious leaders are notified about life threatening or urgent crisis management incidents that should be rapidly shared with their congregants, clients or staff. The system can be used for two-way communication: religious leaders can request damage reports from their community to assess where help is needed or submit requests for help themselves during an unfolding public health emergency or disaster. All information submitted is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

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