NYDIS Distributes Final American Red Cross NYC Sandy Recovery Funds (Aug 17, 2017)

NYDIS Distributes Final American Red Cross NYC Sandy Recovery Funds

NYDIS administers the NYC Unmet Needs Roundtable, funded, in part, by the American Red Cross
New York, NY: Today, the NYC Unmet Needs Roundtable (UNR), administered by New York Disaster
Interfaith Services (NYDIS), awarded it final $25,000 to two NYC families impacted by Superstorm Sandy.
This assistance represents the final American Red Cross Superstorm Sandy recovery funding designated
to NYDIS’ UNR – a resource of last resort designed to secure sustainable recovery for the most
vulnerable and under-resourced survivors identified by disaster case managers across New York City.
NYDIS’ Executive Director, Peter Gudaitis, and American Red Cross of Greater New York CEO, Josh
Lockwood, visited both families to present the final two allocations.
Founded in 2001, initially as a 9/11 recovery program, the UNR has been administered by NYDIS as a
resource of last resort. The UNR is a multi-agency recovery collaborative including a donor-pooled
unmet needs fund, independent donors, disaster case managers, pro-bono legal aid, volunteer rebuild
nonprofits, and community advocates. On a case-by-case basis, these partners meet regularly to
trouble-shoot and customize assistance (financial, in-kind or referrals) for eligible survivor households,
who have exhausted all other available sources of government or philanthropic support. To date, NYDIS’
UNR has distributed over $13.6M to 2,356 under-resourced Superstorm Sandy survivor and victim
households (6,519 individuals). The American Red Cross provided 40% of all UNR funding for Superstorm
Sandy. In total, the American Red Cross awarded $7.7M to support NYDIS’ Sandy recovery programs
after the storm, the largest recipient of the Sandy recovery grants. Under NYDIS’ leadership, the UNR
has distributed over $24M since 2001.
The two final assistance checks totaled $25,094 for two families in Queens and Staten Island, as follows:
Roland Beltran and his son, a disabled veteran, live in the Eltingville neighborhood on Staten Island.
During Superstorm Sandy, their home was flooded with over eight feet of water – destroying the first
floor and its contents. For the last four years, the two men used all their savings, flood insurance, and
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance to make basic repairs – those funds did not
stretch far enough. Through the UNR, NYDIS awarded its remaining American Red Cross funding to the
Beltrans with a check in the amount of $4,280. This funding will complete their repair, adding the
flooring required for the son’s mobility needs – and, pay off the family’s Sandy-related credit card debt.
Retirees, Mr. and Mrs. Tull of Arverne, Queens were living on a fixed income when Sandy flooded the
first floor of their home and caused critical foundation damage. Although they received funds from the
federal government, and a minimal insurance payout, it was not enough – they spent those funds and
their savings on extensive repairs. Through the UNR, NYDIS paid their repair debts of $20,800, allowing
the Tulls to qualify for NYC Build it Back to complete reconstruction, scheduled to begin this month.
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Overall Assistance Statistics for the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable
UNR Assistance:
• Bronx: $80,683.15
• Brooklyn: $4,637,585.90
• Manhattan: $174,036.03
• Metro NYC: $37,399.75
• Queens: $4,519,672.87
• Staten Island: $4,172,679.39
• Total: $13,621,057.09
Households/Individuals Assisted:
• Bronx: 7 / 19
• Brooklyn: 989 / 2,936
• Manhattan: 23 / 49
• Metro NYC: 11 / 21
• Queens: 764 / 2,148
• Staten Island: 562 / 1,346
• Total: 2,356 / 6,519

“NYDIS and the American Red Cross have enjoyed an extraordinary sixteen-year partnership assisting
the most vulnerable and under-resourced New Yorkers impacted by disaster. Beginning with the 9/11
recovery and spanning Katrina evacuee resettlement, Haiti refugee resettlement, and the ongoing
Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts, the American Red Cross remains the largest NYDIS funder
supporting the NYC Unmet Needs Roundtable. That support also allowed 100% of all other donated
dollars to go directly to survivors and victim’s families. Through the generosity of the American people,
the American Red Cross is our nation’s leading provider of disaster assistance and funder of nonprofit
community recovery initiatives.” – Peter B. Gudaitis, M.Div., Executive Director & CEO, New York Disaster Interfaith Services

“The American Red Cross has been proud to support NYDIS’ Unmet Needs Roundtable in the wake of
Superstorm Sandy. Over a multi-year period, the Roundtable has provided critical funding directly to
Sandy survivors for needs not addressed by other funding sources. As the Unmet Needs Roundtable
completes its final year of Sandy recovery operations, the American Red Cross is gratified that thousands
of New Yorkers have received much-needed funds to aid them in their recovery.” – Josh Lockwood, Regional CEO, American Red Cross in Greater New York