NYC Evacuee Unmet Needs Roundtable

To date, NYDIS’ NYC Evacuee Unmet Needs Roundtable (UNR) has distributed $140,027.95 in sustainable recovery assistance to assist 63 households secure sustainable, long-term housing, purchase furniture, relocate out of state, or pay for transportation back to safe and habitable housing in Puerto Rico.

The NYC Mayor’s Office estimates that 17,000 evacuees are in New York State, yet only 2,082 households sought out services. Comparing FEMA and HESC reporting shows there are 638 FEMA registered households, (an estimated 1,820 individuals) in NYC that did not access the HESC before demobilization. Our casework staff have established weekly contact with a total of 1,086 households that came to the HESC or NYDIS’ Evacuee Marketplace. NYDIS is now in the process of contacting 2,082 households to re-evaluate the current unmet needs of the population. Based upon data from previous follow up messages NYDIS estimates:

2,082 (total) households provided contact information at the HESC
– 312 (15%) households projected returned to Puerto Rico
– 833 (40%) households are unreachable; out-of-service phone numbers
937 remaining reachable households in NYC
– 140 (15%) households that do NOT have unmet needs
797 TOTAL reachable, evacuee households in NYC with unmet needs