An Unconditional Cash Transfer Program for Low‑Income New Yorkers Affected by COVID‑19.

NYDIS Partners with Public and Private Entities to Provide Financial Relief to New Yorkers Affected by COVID-19

In a collaborative effort spanning May 2020 to June 2021, NYDIS joined forces with H + H, prominent philanthropic foundations, and other nonprofit organizations to assist low-income New Yorkers directly impacted by COVID-19. Recognizing the financial hardships faced by these individuals, the partnership granted one-time, unconditional cash transfers of $1000 to approximately 5,000 residents who were either diagnosed with or exposed to the virus.

Chosen for our extensive experience and capability in managing cash transfers, NYDIS was tasked with administering the program. In our endeavor to cater to the diverse financial needs and literacy levels of recipients, NYDIS provided a variety of disbursement options. Eligible New Yorkers could opt for a mailed debit card, secure bank transfers, PayPal transfers, or even direct ATM withdrawals.

This initiative underscores NYDIS’ commitment to serving New Yorkers in their times of need, ensuring that financial hurdles do not compound the challenges presented by the pandemic.

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