Stories of Recovery – Superstorm Sandy

Betty, an 88-year-old woman, living with her husband in the Arverne section of Queens were both experiencing health issues. The couple’s home has been damaged by Superstorm Sandy so they had enrolled in the NYC Build it Back Program to have their home repaired and elevated. The couple moved into a rental unit for the rebuild period but needed to move again because the home was unsafe and didn’t fully meet their accessibility needs.

After connecting with NYDIS Temporary Housing Services (THS), they moved from the unsafe unit briefly into a hotel and then into a fully accessible apartment that NYDIS rented for them. Unfortunately, Betty ’s husband passed away before the construction of their home was complete and, since he handled the couple’s finances, Betty required intensive Case Management to navigate the remainder of the Build it Back and temporary housing programs.

Betty had also received assistance with storage for her belongings, rental furniture, and finally assistance to move back home after the construction was completed earlier this year. While in temporary housing Betty’s mobility issues worsened and, through NYDIS’ NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable, as the final step her in recovery, Betty received both an internal and external stair lift which totaled over $12,000. Now, she resides her new safe elevated home which is fully accessible.

– Mikeala Roberts, Housing Caseworker, Temporary Housing Services

(Pictured: Mikeala reading Betty’s story during NYDIS’ 2019 Annual Partnership Awards, 5/30/2019)